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Secure Food Supply Planning Services

As industry, USDA and the states finalize and implement the various Secure Food Supply programs, producers find themselves in the position of developing Secure Food Supply plans in order to  to maintain business continuity, if they find their operation is impacted by a foreign animal disease outbreak (i.e., foot-and-mouth disease).  In states that have adopted any or all of the completed Secure Food Supply programs; the development, implementation and approval of an applicable Secure Food Supply Plan, prior to a foreign animal disease outbreak, is designed to allow producers to maintain commerce, even if their operation is within a disease control zone.

The development of a secure food supply plan is somewhat analogous to the development of a nutrient management plan, with regard to the time and effort required for development.  To support producers who want to participate in the Secure Food Supply process, SES, Inc. offers Secure Food Supply Plan development services.  SES, Inc. is one of the few consulting firms in the United States that has the relevant experience and existing relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies to allow it to effectively and efficiently meet a producer’s needs relative to developing a Secure Food Supply Plan, or for providing any other biosecurity, agriculture defense/security related support requested.

To find out more about these services, contact SES, Inc. at (913) 307-0046 extension 10015 or 10020.

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