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SES scientists and experts have extensive experience in natural resource management and planning. If your organization needs assistance in the following key areas, let SES be your resource starting point.

Rangeland: Complete with independent review and comprehensive verification, SES provides clients the expertise, information and tools needed to appropriately manage, conserve and sustain rangeland soils, plants, water and wildlife. This includes land-use planning and monitoring, environmental assessments and the development of best management practices for various rangeland types and uses.

Soil Resources and Erosion Control: Soils play an extensive role in plant growth, water quality and resources, storm water and waste management, and ultimately, the expense of facilities management. Understanding this influential role has helped SES scientists hone their skills in the development of erosion control systems, the evaluation of damages caused by erosion, and the development of designs for stabilizing land and streams from erosive forces.

Ecological Assessment: SES has assisted clients across the United States with ecological assessments, environmental studies and permit development for projects ranging from habitat restoration to construction of linear facilities, including pipelines and power transmission projects.

SES is focused on providing its clients cost efficient, high quality solutions.

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