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Eric Hess, President

B.A. Environmental Science, 1982
M.S. Environmental Science, 1985

Master Exercise Practitioner

Command Staff, National Veterinary Response Team

Expertise: Emergency Management; Agriculture Security/Defense; Exercise Development and Conduct; Environmental Assessment; Vegetation Assessment; Site Restoration; Program Development and Verification; Policy Development; Auditing and Inspections; Third Party Verification; Soil Science; Soil/Water Management; Curriculum Development

Patrick Splichal

Patrick Splichal, Vice President / CFO

B.S. Agronomy, 1989

M.S. Soil Science, 1991

Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Nutrient Management Specialist

Expertise: Carbon Offset Verification; Rangeland; Soil Science; Soil Chemistry; Natural Resources Planning; Nutrient Management; Contaminant Fate/Transport; Environmental Assessment; Environmental Remediation; Site Restoration; Curriculum Development and Training

Rob Dobson, Vice President

B.A. Anthropology, 1991
M.S. Env. Sciences, 1997

Expertise: Renewable Energy; Carbon Offset Verification; Odor/Air Quality; Environmental Chemistry; Sampling and Analysis; Water Quality; Environmental Compliance; Program Development; Regulatory Affairs;RCRA Compliance; Verification Programs; Animal Feeding Operations;Environmental Assessment; Site Assessment; Site Restoration; Marketing; Restoration; Curriculum Development and Training

Amber Wilson

Amber Wilson, Vice President

B.S. Animal Science and Industry, 1998
M.S. Management, 2000

Expertise: Emergency Management; Agriculture Defense/Security; Exercise Development and Conduct; Third Party Verification; Program Development, Curriculum Development and Training; Agriculture Critical Infrastructure

Bryan Deimeke, Board Member

B.S. Animal Science, 2005
M.S. Natural and Applied Science in Agriculture, 2008

Expertise: Production Agriculture; Adult Training; Foreign Animal Disease Planning and Mitigation; Food Defense, Food Security,  Program Development; Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program Exercise Design, Conduct and Evaluation


Frank Bryant, Retired, Board Adviser

B.S. Biology, 1984
M.S. Environmental Science, 1986

Food and Agriculture Chairman, Missouri Public Private Partnership (MOP3)Board of Directors, Kansas City Agricultural Business Council

Expertise: Homeland Security; Program Development; Regulatory Affairs; RCRA Compliance; Verification Programs; Environmental Assessment; Site Assessment; Site Restoration; Marketing

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