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Since its inception, SES has worked with its clients on many types of program development.  Our program development services fall under one of two categories: implementation or verification.  Implementation programs are developed to institutionalize plans, policies and procedures, while verification programs are designed to monitor program implementation or performance.

Consistency drives effective training and provides predictable delivery of program components, both of which support the institutionalization of any program.  Institutionalization of a program is imperative if the plans, policies and procedures defined by the program are to survive and have their intended impact.

In developing programs, SES works closely with its clients to match goals and objectives with the appropriate and sustainable program design.  In addition, program development requires buy-in and support from management; this ultimately drives staff acceptance and commitment to program implementation.  SES’s collaborative approach to program development fosters buy-in from management.

Programs to institutionalize plans, policies and/or procedures contribute to the sustainability of operations and provide quantifiable systems that can be periodically evaluated and improved to meet the challenges of dynamic production conditions, such as economics and staffing patterns.

SES can support all levels of program development, including company specific and industry wide programs.  SES has extensive experience in developing program guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures, auditor training certification programs and third party verification.

SES provides clients sustainable solutions to the real-world challenges they encounter.

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