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We support sustainable agriculture program development including regenerative and animal welfare
We support sustainable agriculture program development including regenerative and animal welfare
We help operations define and meet their Net Zero and Climate Goals with sustainability program development
SES develops best practices for environment and animal welfare as part of our program development services

Whether your goals are sustainability, animal welfare, or climate-based, SES will help you with complete program development including design, implementation, management, metrics and reporting, and verification.

Program Design, Development, and Implementation Services

We can help you set attainable and measurable program goals that meet your business and regulatory requirements as well as the demands of consumers and stakeholders. SES offers end-to-end program development services.

We can help you:

  1. Collaborate with your organization and stakeholders to identify meaningful, actionable program goals aligned to your resources, operations, market, regulatory requirements, and budget.
  2. Establish standards and define metrics to measure program performance.
  3. Analyze your current situation to set a benchmark or baseline year.
  4. Test your program goals and messaging with customer groups and gain stakeholder and supplier buy-in.
  5. Plan an implementation roadmap to successfully launch your program.
  6. Build a program management system with documented policies and procedures, training, database, and reporting tools.
  7. Develop auditing and reporting systems to monitor the performance of your program over time.
  8. Train and accredit auditors to your program standards.

Verify your existing programs with our independent verification services.

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Project Experience

SES has more than twenty years of experience in program development. Our project work includes:

Animal Welfare Audit Program (AWAP)

SES worked with the National Council of Chain Restaurants and the Food Marketing Institute, animal welfare experts, and national producer groups on the AWAP program. SES to trained auditors and developed industry-specific auditing standards. In addition to the standards, SES developed a web-based database to access and monitor auditor performance.

ANSI Standards Development, Best Management Practices for National Pork Producers Council (NPPC)

SES compiled environmental best management practices (BMP) for livestock production to meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.  SES worked with ANSI to submit the Good Environmental Livestock Production Practices (or GELPPs) for approval.  As a result, the program was the first to standardize environmental BMPs for livestock on a national level.

Sustainability Metrics Definition

SES defined the sustainability metrics that a global food corporation presents in its annual sustainability report.  After interviewing corporate management and reviewing data, SES developed a process for consistently and accurately measuring and reporting metrics.

On-Farm Odor and Environmental Assessment Program (OFO/EAP) and the On-Farm Assessment and Environmental Review (OFAER) Program for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC)

SES helped develop and implement the programs for the NPPC and America’s Clean Water Foundation. Our team also trained assessors, and validated implementation of the programs. The programs provided on-farm environmental assessments to pork producers in the United States, to meet consumer demand for environmental stewardship and management in the agricultural industry.

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