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We help companies report on Net Zero and GHG emissions reductions, including use of renewable energy sources.
We help companies report on Net Zero and GHG emissions reductions, including use of renewable energy sources.

Address environmental issues, reduce your impact, or meet regulatory compliance and reporting requirements with environmental management and reporting support from SES.

Environmental Management and Reporting Services

Our team has extensive experience in environmental consulting, including the following services:

Environmental Reporting

SES can help your team meet reporting requirements including Tier II, Toxic Release Reporting (TRI), and greenhouse gas emissions reporting. We develop reporting and database solutions for clients that reduce effort and improve the consistency and accuracy of reports.

Compliance and Permitting

Meet regulatory requirements with independent and impartial environmental audit and regulatory inspection services. SES team members have expertise with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), Clean Air Act (CAA) and the Clean Water Act (CWA), and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations regulations.


SES can develop training and standard operating procedures to ensure your team members understand how to comply with regulations, environmental best practices, and corporate policies.

Assessments and Investigations

Gain insight into your operation’s risks and exposure with environmental assessments. SES also conducts field investigations of soil and groundwater contamination.

Contact SES to learn more about our Environmental Management and Reporting services.

Project Experience

SES has more than twenty years of experience in environmental management and reporting. Our project work includes:

GHG Accounting for Private Sector Client

SES worked with a global food company to build a comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the company’s operations. The inventory included emissions from feed milling, live animal production, slaughter, processing, and transportation. As part of the inventory project, SES developed a calculator spreadsheet to estimate methane emissions from manure lagoons, manure composting, and industrial wastewater.

RCRA Compliance Inspections for EPA Region 7

SES reviewed past files for facilities, including inspections, correspondence, permits, closures, and enforcement actions (both historical and ongoing). Our team then developed field plans and conducted inspections using EPA-provided checklists.  We took photographs of relevant operations and potential violations and reviewed all applicable documentation. We then delivered final inspection reports to the EPA.

Environmental Assessments for Private Companies and Legal Entities

SES completes Phase I environmental assessment (Phase I) and environmental regulatory audits for confidential private sector clients. Our team provides services including investigation of potential environmental contamination. We deliver a full assessment report including issues related to applicable environmental regulations.

Environmental Reporting for Private Sector Client

SES assists a major poultry operation’s processing plant with required environmental reporting.  This support includes annual waste summaries, EPA Tier II hazardous materials inventory reports, EPA toxic release inventories, and storm water baseline reporting.

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